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Psychogeographic photographs combine photography, collage, perception and memory to create prints which recall landscapes and places I have experienced. 


Most of these works explore the immediate landscape around a particular building, sometimes just the building itself - others a much wider area following a rambling walk in a broader landscape.


I follow the tradition of wandering around without any particular purpose other than having an unselfconscious sensitivity to a psychogeographic experience.


I walk with a camera and take many hundreds of photographs to document the visual experience of a place; grabbing a quick shot of whatever catches my eye -  significant or insignificant equally. 


I seek to create an image which conveys the omnijective view of memory.


Cut-up photographed elements are recombined - re-contextualised by the experienced feeling of a place, seemingly ever constant in a shifting history.  


Photographed actuality and recalled memories and impressions create a multi-temporal and multi-faceted representation of a place.


I am interested in how these works merge the practices which gave much of twentieth-century art-making its tension. On the one hand these works reach a representation in a painterly way, whilst on the other, they rely whole cloth on photography to arrive at their representation. 

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