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notes on this collection


Look at Me (2018) combines 4 projectors simultaneously running 4 reels of spliced 8mm film fragments, with a soundtrack of 4 record players and a pile of records. Keep ‘em Flying (1994) -  8mm footage shot wandering along the River Thames between Hammersmith and Chiswick, where I still regularly go walking. The others (from 2020) are film sketches, which might normally be projected as loops. Where do you wanna go? is a sequence of individual frames created on photoshop. On my Watch - single frames shot on 8mm at 15 minute intervals from a single point at magnetic north whilst crossing the North Sea on a sailboat during daytime watches at the helm. 8mm - 8mm frame clippings collected from beneath my film splicer, arranged and photographed on a lightbox. Lookout - 16mm at 10 second intervals from atop the lookout tower on the beach looking out onto the North Sea, whilst artist in residence at the Lookout in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Alzeau Flow Observation, Catch-a-Duck in Fontiers Cabardes and End of Summer on Lac La Galaube Observation are original 16mm film footage shot for works in my Observation series.


Some of the short films I have made for bands and musicians can be found following the link for ’collaboration’ . 

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