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scanned cine film frames

Observation works are the result of manually filming a fixed point on a situation or phenomenon, frame by frame at regular intervals over a period of time.

These photographed moments draw attention to an aggregate experience of discrete moments, impermanent and in constant flux, that form our everyday experience of reality.


The neo-confuscious concept of Li (流) holds that everything is patterned according to the order of flow, an idea which is at the root of contemporary system thinking; the understanding of parts in terms of their relationship to and expression of the whole. 


Collaging these individual observed moments in a sequential order reveals a deeper order; the formation of a unified composition expressive of the whole.


Whereas the works are autopoietic, I am intrigued by my own intervention which lies within the act of observation itself; the contemplative study alongside the aesthetic interplay of consciousness, perception and thought- meditative and mindful. Quantum Physics speaks of the observer effect, that observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes it, whilst a Buddhist concept holds that the mind cannot exist without external phenomena, nor can external phenomena exist without the mind.

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