Selected commissions.

The Gjesdal House - walking to, through and back again. 2016 (commissioned by the home owner) -

after Michael Kidner.

Tiffenden Manor, Kent (2013)

(commissioned by the home owner)

Choreographer and Dancer Daniel Linehan performs Zombie Aporia at Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Toulouse - commissioned by Syntax Magazine (2010)

Composer Nico Muhly on the eve of the premiere of Two Boys at the English National Opera, London -

commissioned by Syntax Magazine (2010)

Paul Weller, 22 Dreams - gatefold double vinyl album and CD album artwork (2008) 

(commissioned by Paul Weller)

The piece documents a walk over the four seasons through the landscape around Black Barn Studio in Ripley which Paul Weller regularly made over the course of 2007 whilst writing and recording the material for his album.

Le Palais Idéal de Facteur Cheval, Hauterives, France (2009)  

(Commissioned by Musée de Palais Ideal)

The piece documents Facteur Cheval's postal route through the landscape around Hauterives and the Palais site itself.