The works in this collection combine photography, collage and memory to create landscape prints based upon my experience of exploring a place. I follow the tradition of wandering around without any particular purpose other than having an unselfconscious sensitivity to its psychogeography which forms and becomes my recalled image in the work I later create. 

I walk with a camera and take many hundreds of photos of whatever catches my eye - multi-faceted views, decontextualised, random and equally given to the significant or insignificant, but which nevertheless document my visual impression of a place. 

The works come together - somewhere between the traditions of East Asian Shanshui or Sansuiga and Western realism - I make no attempt to create an accurate depiction of a place. Instead I set about to depict my impression of a place, drawing upon my feelings of its shifting history - multi-temporal and multi-perspective, embodying my experience of wandering within it and what then becomes my memory, my thoughts of it;  it is however entirely composed of photographed elements from the place, shot in their own particular moment - photographed reality. 

I am interested in how I merge the practises which gave much of twentieth century art- making its tension. Those being painting and photography and the dichotomy between the two. On the one hand these works give their representation in a painterly way, whilst on the other they rely on photography to arrive at that representation.

wandering over to the Lookout, Aldeburgh